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Data centers

Data center is a complex of technical, information systems and human resources, which helps you to solve different tasks on IT sphere, and for which you would have to invest in technical resources and hire specialists for your company. But we already have all that!

Location of our data centers

Our data centers are located in two different geographic locations in Latvia: Ogre, Griva avenue 4A, and Riga, TV tower, Zakusala.


All the modern standards which were postulated for data center were taken into account during the planning time. Our data center meets all the European Union standards.

All our data center and customer equipment stands in 19" telecommunication racks, which are located in specially equipped rooms. At this moment the capacity of data center is approx. 60 racks, but the total area of data center is 120 m2.

Our data centers are perfectly equipped for servers and their functioning.


Both data centers are located in well secured rooms, and only two people who are in charge of data center operation have access to the server room. Another person’s entrance in server rooms is an exceptional case and there has to be a serious reason for that.

Customers who use our service are authorized for regular, preventive works for their equipment on working days from 10:00 until 20:00, as well as non-working hours by prior agreement.

Why ABC idea Data center

  • Security and stability
  • Firewall protection
  • Modern technologies
  • Technical support 24/7
  • Highly skilled workers
  • Physical and logical protection
  • Flexible solutions and customer service
  • 3 Uplinks (LTK, TLC, Telia) with speed 1Gbps
  • Data backup on the NAS disc arrays
  • Two data centers in different geographic locations in Latvia
  • TDirect connection to LIX, Lattelecom, SMILE with speed up to 1Gbps
  • Provided power supply, fire safety and necessary climatic conditions

Our data centre is cooperating only with the best companies and manufacturers!

  • Only Intel processors are used in our servers
  • HDD (hard drives) are used from IBM, Intel and Seagate
  • Components of internal network switch system are switches manufactured by company CISCO
  • We only use servers from Intel and IBM manufacturers, these well-known companies in the world are the guarantee of security and stability


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