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Electric power

Data center and facilities are protected against temporary power loss, frequency distortions and other nuances. This is secured by famous and reliable company „APC" UPS equipment. Additional guarantee that we will have the electricity all the time ensures diesel generator's existence and operation with a power of 44Kw.

To ensure the operation of data center facilities without disruption, stable power supply system was designed and implemented, which protects servers, networking equipment and data center against temporary power loss, frequency distortions and other nuances, which could threaten the operation of a network and server.

The security is guaranteed by the famous and reliable company’s “APC”2 Modular UPS equipment with a capacity of 40 kW (each). Even at the lower electric power loss risk factor, UPS – equipment will start to operate so continuing to supply data center with energy. If one of the UPS equipment breaks down (but this kind of risk has been brought to a minimum), then the other will operate at a full capacity, but when operating both together, they support each other, so decreasing the load for each UPS equipment.

A big plus for our power supply system is that we have a separate Latvenergo supply line, which is independent of all the lines which are nearby of our data center, and if something would happen to one of the nearby transformers that wouldn’t affect our operation at all.

An extra security is guaranteed by diesel generator with a capacity of 44 Kw. This kind of generator would be able to supply electricity to the nine-storey building with two stairways.


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