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When talking about Internet connection and global network without interference, we can be proud of the excellent service, which was developed so your servers would always work properly without any collision. This was achieved with high-quality network device, because in order to organize network and its structure we use only good, well-known networking hardware companies, such as CISCO

Our network is connected directly to the 3 uplinks (Telia, LTK, TLC), so providing direct, good, fast and safe way out on the Internet at any time. Direct connection to LIX (Latvian Internet eXchange) exchange point with speed 1Gbps, pie SMILE exchange point with speed 1Gbps and Lattelecom with speed 1Gbps help to make the perfect connection with global networks and build fast and secure way.

Our Internet exchange system and networks are very fast and safe. Data center ABC host network’s structure is designed to provide the maximum possible quality of information services, maximum data storage quality and protection against unauthorized access.

For our data center internal switch system we use only the best devices – company’s CISCO switches that connect servers and give them the way to the global network.

The network in server rooms is separated both physically and logically, and it guarantees that nobody will have an access to your data. The network security is organized by firewall, which will allow access for certain ports, refusing entire network, or refusal of certain ports, while allowing the access of the entire network.


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