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Frequently asked questions

Question: What is FAQ?

Answer: It is abbreviation from Frequently Asked Questions.

Question: What is hosting?

Answer: Hosting is a service, which is based on providing server resources to client. It gives client a chance to host his resources (WWW- home pages, FTP- home pages...) on service providers equipment. Benefits are obvious – no worries about server software and equipment management. All that is required of you - create your own website and place it on our server.

Question: What is Colocation (co-location)?

Answer: Colocation - a service which allows customers to place their equipment in provider's premises. This arrangement has the advantage of complete control over the software, installed on the customer's equipment.

Question: What is a domain registration?

Answer: Domain Registration - is a service through which you receive to your disposal the domain name, in which you can register any subdomain names (such as domain owner may build words,,, etc.)

Question: Why IT audit is necessary and what does it do?

Answer: The company's computer system audit gives a clear picture of the current state of the system set up, efficiency, advantages and disadvantages. The audit clearly shows the things that should be changed or improved to hardware resources, to provide even more support for staff in their daily work.

During the audit client computer, server and software verification, testing and safety assessment is performed. Next the customer is presented to the audit opinion, where are detaily listed the shortcomings identified and recommendations for their prevention.

An audit provides the customer a complete picture of the company's IT systems and makes it possible to identify those things that are not working as efficiently as it should and helps to make strategically important decisions for financial investment to remove system deficiencies.

Question: What is Internet and what for it's needed?

Answer: The Internet - a global computer network. That is, the quantity of host computers connected to the wires from all over the world who can share different types of information. And there are at least three things that you need to do on the web:

  • Send and receive mail
  • Get the information you are interested in
  • Download files

Question: Why does a company need a server?

Answer: Any desktop computer can conditionally perform server functions, but at the same time, these functions will not be carried out to their full potential. Server technology is a specific structure - it is specifically designed to perform multiple functions simultaneously. The servers are equipped with dual or quad core processors, high performance memory and large-capacity, high-speed drives.

Using server in company's daily operation, all data is stored locally in one place and employees at any time can access the information they need. It helps to organize the company's internal file structure and avoid many version of single document, as it often happens in companies where there is no central data repository. The server helps control access to confidential files and information as well as provide opportunity for employees to access work files outside the office. The server helps to improve the daily duties efficiency and productivity.

The main benefits you get when buying a server is improved job performance, better control over the processes, increased data security and optimized hardware acquisition costs (no need for each employee to buy a printer, but the whole team can use one).

Question: Why does a company need IT advice?

Answer: No one person can ever know everything about everything. Therefore, often it is necessary to turn to professionals for advice. At consultation the client receives information on how to resolve his issues, such as the right way to install network into your office for efficient long term operation.

Question: Why build a data backup?

Answer: All business data is usually stored on the computer's hard drive. What happens when a computer's hard disk crashes, the computer is stolen or office premises are damaged in a fire ...? What happens to all your important data? They disappear. One of the options to avoid such situations is to perform regular backup copies of documents that are passed to the server, which is located in a safe place where it can not be affected by the above mentioned troubles. By creating backup copies of the original document at the event of failure, your company can receive the backup copy.

Question: Why to monitor the operation of the system?

Answer: System-wide monitoring allows the operator to keep a finger on the pulse and always be aware of all the server system malfunctions and receive notifications of the approaching crisis, for the proper response and to decide which security measures could provide a more efficient systems work. Such a possibility - to monitor the operation of the system - is especially useful for businesses that are storing on servers important business software and data bases, such as logistics systems, accounting software with data management systems, online commerce systems, and so on. And website maintainers, owners that allows to quickly respond to situations where the website need more power or is disrupted internet feed, etc.

Question: Why does a data center with a double or triple secured communications is needed?

Answer: The data center is a place for storing vital business equipment - including servers and information. To ensure the continued operation of these facilities, data centers increased attention is being paid to environmental conditions, continuous communication, power supply and security.

Air ventilation and filtration systems, climate control systems, air cooling systems, smoke and heat detectors - these are the things with which every data center should be equipped to create a supportive and safe environment for the operation of servers, thus avoiding overheating servers, combustion, power reduction and other unfavorable conditions.

Continuous server communication is provided through a number of independent Internet connections - meaning that, if the failure of the internet line occurs, next independent connection line immediately starts operation, thus compensating interference, and the client server is constantly provided with an Internet connection and customers have undisturbed access to information on the server. For communication security, data centers must also be equipped with the latest IT solutions, including firewalls, encryption of communication channels, etc.

Question: What is the traffic?

Answer: Traffic - this is data that comes to your website, server IP address.

Question: What is a POP3-account?

Answer: POP3-account - it is a mail item such as, on the provider's mail server, which serves as an e-mail address to the Internet.

Question: What is an IP address?

Answer: An Internet Protocol address (IP address) is a numerical label assigned to each device (e.g., computer, printer) participating in a computer network that uses the Internet Protocol for communication. In general each www-server has such address. It means your web site or server can be accessed not only by name, but directly by address – for example.

Question: What are DNS servers and what are they needed for?

Answer: DNS - (Domain Name System) - the domain name system is required to convert domain names to IP-addresses, or vice versa - IP-address to domain names. DNS is necessary to delegate the domain name to specific IP address, where the web-page is located.

Question: How to become your customer?

Answer: You can become our customer by signing up in webpage, sending us an e-mail to, or by calling +371 22123429

Question: What are the payment options?

Answer: Bank transfer.

Question: How to transfer a web page from another provider to you?

Answer: As You put it to provider from which you are going away. This happens individually and if you are unable to do it, it will be made by our web master.

Question: How long does it takes to register a domain name?

Answer: 4 -5 days.

Question:Does Colocation service price includes installation and configuration of the operating system?

Answer: No, because Colocation service means that you bring Your server and we place it in data center, of course, if it is empty and no operating system is installed, we can install it for You for an additional fee.

Question: Do you monitor our servers?

Answer: Monitoring is already included in price of Colocation service. Basisally it means, that Your server win be pinged from another data center, and if it does not respond in given time, SMS or e-mail will be sent to servers administrator for Downtime.

Question: Is it possible to collocate non-standart servers (Desktop PC: small, middle, big tower)?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Can You give some sort of test time?

Answer: Yes. Basically test time is 7 days, but for more complex projects it can be up to month.

Question: How to check whether the domain is free?

Answer: Latvian domain names can be checked:
for foreign domain names it's:

Question: Do You filter traffic?

Answer: For filtering we use a Firewall with two options: 1. Restrict all, allow only sertain ports, 2. Allow all, restrict some ports. For additional fee we can offer IDS service.

Question: How to prolong registration of a domain?

Answer: If term is about to expire, You will get a bill, if term has not expired, You should write an e-mail to support service expressing the desire to extend the time period.

Question: How safe is your servers?

Answer: We use only Intel and IBM servers, and these names talk themselves about the quality of components and reliability. Server rooms meet all EU requirements and provides adequate climate (2 air conditioners each reserved) electric supply is protected against temporary power loss, frequency distortions and other threats with “APC” UPS equipment and power supply is secured with a backup diesel generator.


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