Custom solutions

Since 2013 we offer custom online business solution development (aka. e-solutions), that helps our clients to automate their ongoing business processes. Noteworthy benefit for our clients is that they do not have to change or adapt their business processes to software functionality, contrary - software is adapted to their current processes and needs, so one part of process gets easier without creating difficulties for other parts. To fully understand our clients` needs we go into client`s business specifics and do a preliminary research to be fluent in their specific business industry. In last nine years we have worked on more than 120 projects and our specialists have learned detailed know-how in several industries, starting from printing houses to beef hoof care. It allows us to provide our clients with innovative solutions that are currently not used in their industry, by bringing experience from one field to another, of course by respecting all the principles of confidentiality.

Benefits for implementation of e-solutions:

  1. Less errors - significantly reduced possibility of human errors;
  2. More data - ability to collect larger amount of detailed data;
  3. Overview - possibility to get live reports and overviews;
  4. Automation - option to automate frequent processes that are repeated periodically, also by reducing possibility of errors (Point No. 1);
  5. Saved time - saved emloyees` work hours, that directly can be translated to expanses of workforce or return of work amount per salary.

Time saving and overall benefits

If option of detailed overview and reduced possibility of errors are not mathematically measurable, then saved time and direct expenses are! By filling fields in this calculator, You can calculate potential financial savings through workforce/salary aspect.

For detailed information - feel free to contact us! We will gladly share our experiences of e-solution implementation for other clients and find the best solutions for your business processes.

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