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Appropriate climate and humidity level is one of the main safety features, according to which; it is possible to decrease the risk number of server damages. Conditioning system allows servers to stay cool in rooms; it also maintains the appropriate temperature for servers as well as controls humidity level in the room. Large amount of electrical equipment in the confined room gives big, redundant temperature and in order to maintain the system operating without errors, it is necessary to keep rooms cool at the required temperature. Air-conditioning system also helps to keep the room humidity level within the parameters required. If it is too humid in the air the components of equipment in server rooms can compress, but too low humidity level and static electricity can damage the components.

The climate of our data center is well considered and safe system, which belongs A class systems so ensuring stable, safe and excellent operation.

There are two conditionersin our rooms which are mutually connected. This means, that one conditioner is working with full capacity, but the another one supports it, and in case of technical problems of the first conditioner, the second will start to work with full capacity, so ensuring the necessary temperature and humidity level in server rooms. Our conditioning system keeps approx. 18°C temperature but the air humidity level is 65%.

Conditioners also work as air purifiers. In order to ensure this there are A class filters in each air-conditioner, which provide multi-stage purification process. These not only protect human lungs but also conditioner itself.


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