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  • Two data centers

    • Powerful LV & international data channels
    • Direct connection to LIX, Lattelecom, SMILE
    • Data backup on the NAS disk arrays
    • Virtual servers (VPS)
    • Server deployment
    • 24 hour support service
    • 3 Uplinks (LTK, TLC, Telia) with speed 1Gbps
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  • Hosting

    • Unlimited data transmission
    • Full service technical support
    • Free data backup
    • Hosting panel: PLESK
    • High-capacity physical servers
    • Free installation/migration of existing web page to our servers
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  • Computer maintenance

    • Reduced downtime of IT resources
    • Effective problem solution
    • United IT support center
    • IT security and stability
    • Increased profitability
    • 24 hour support service
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  • Website Development

    • Maintenance and update
    • Web page servicing
    • Online store development
    • Domain registration
    • Web designing
    • Google Adwords
    • SEO audit
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  • Graphical works

    • Design of business cards
    • Company logo design
    • Banner development
    • Design develoment
    • HTML cutting
    • Layout design
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Most popular services
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    Hosting is a professional maintenance service solution , which includes your website, e-mail and FTP maintenance.

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    Cloud data storage

    Cloud data storage is beneficial for companies who need to store large amounts of data and access to this data from a distance

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    Computer maintenance

    OUR specialists have the experience of many years in the field of hardware maintenance, so YOU can be sure of your computer hardware workability.

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    Virtual servers (VPS)

    A virtual server is a technology that divides one physical server into multiple virtual servers. It has a large storage capacity and great opportunities to change parameters at any time.

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    SSL sertificates

    The SSL Certificate provides a secure connection between a client and a server. SSL certificate is applied to a Web server (Web site) to identify and authenticate it.

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    Server collosation

    Data center is a complex of technical, information systems and human resources, which helps you to solve different tasks on IT sphere. Our data centers are located in two different geographic locations.

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