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Network installation

Our company's staff has more than 10 years of experience in the installation of computer networks. We install computer networks in any office premises, homes or warehouses.


We have a lot of experience to create different types of computer networks according to your plan and needs. Our work is the creation of computer networks in whole city regions (Jugla, Vecmilgravis), and office complexes, as well as in private homes and apartments.

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Planning structure of the network

We will help you choose and plan the most appropriate network solution for your office or home. Will recommend the best solution - wireless or physical network. Install the necessary equipment, in case of damage, maintain and service it.

Network Installation

Network installation takes place depending on the specifications. If it is a wireless network one or more devices is set up, allowing Internet access throughout the area without the use of wires. When you create a physical network, then the wires are laid in channels, what makes them invisible and protected from possible damage. In case of room repairs it is possible to hide wires in walls and deploy network sockets, which makes the overall view attractive. It is possible to use cross-panels in network nodes, which helps facilitate future network management.

Network service

After establishing a network, we will provide the service as needed, as well as repairs to technical failures. Also, the network hardware requires some service, which we can make.

Network Design and Development

  • Network configuration for a single computer: 4.27 €
  • Network installation: agreed price and volume
  • Computer network design: agreed price and volume
  • Computer network configuration: per agreement and specifications
  • Cable testing (twisted pair cable): 1.42 € per connection
  • Network price (calculated by the number of workplaces), per workplace: 14.23 to 71.14 €
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