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Dedicated server – Server rental

Dedicated server is a service by which choosing you receive fully configured and ready to operate server. This is the best solution for those who don’t want or can’t spend time and resources for server purchase, technical personnel search and training, and other additional expenses. You get a full control of your server at the root level and without assistance you can change its configurations and install any software.

Dedicated service is noteworthy for the fact that you don’t have to take care of the hardware operating capacity – our specialists will take care of technical support, replacement and repair of complementary parts. Besides you will receive all the benefits of dedicated server not worrying about “equipment” and its maintenance.

Dedicated service actually is a complex of two services: server rental and deployment in appropriate environment.

We offer you a service: dedicated server - server rent. Server rent is a convenient way how to quickly get a server for your business and deploy it at our data center. You get a server at once and pay a fixed monthly fee every month. Server is secured with required climatic conditions, uninterruptible power supply and continuous Internet connection. Leased equipment is protected with special software and specialized IT security procedures which significantly reduces the risk of unauthorized access. IP kvm device provides customer access to data center-based data from anywhere in the world. Data backup protects data from loss in a case of server or its parts damage.


Server rental advantages:

  • 24 hour support service
  • Safety and quality assurance
  • Data protection from unauthorized access
  • You receive a high-class, fully-tested server
  • Any hardware defect will be restored within hours on weekdays and weekends
  • Costs that were planned for server purchase can be used for business development
  • If you don’t need server anymore you don’t have to think where you could sell it
  • Customer access to the data center-based data from anywhere in the world with IP kvm device
  • There is a backup server at data center, which means that if your server breaks down, soon you will be offered another one
  • You will have to take your server to the repair - service

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